Comment by Mark, a child-support client:
That was the best family law experience I have EVER had...my attorney is awesome!!

Roxanne, a divorce client:

    If you are looking for a Family Law attorney I highly recommend Jennifer Applegate. My ex-husband filed a motion to terminate my spousal support, void 10 months of back support he owed me, and have parts of our MSA voided that would have been financially devastating for me.
    Needless to say, it was a very stressful situation. Jennifer not only expertly handled the legal issues, but she also patiently provided me with the reassurance and support I needed to keep me from falling apart. Every time I started to panic and wanted to throw in the towel, she took the time to calmly talk me through it. I never felt alone, and without her encouragement I know I would have given up. In every communication and court appearance it was clear that she sincerely cared about how the outcome was going to affect me and my family.
    Jennifer worked diligently on my case and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Thanks to her, I will not lose my home and I can start to live a more comfortable lifestyle again. Jennifer Applegate is an intelligent, knowledgeable and highly competent attorney who combines professionalism and compassion to provide her clients with excellent legal care. If my ex is foolish enough to come after me again, I know with Jennifer on my side, I'll be just fine.

Comment by "Steve," a family law client:
I know you're motivated by doing the right thing, not by buying the latest Mercedes each year.
Comment by David, a custody/visitation client:
    Jennifer saved my children from a life of sadness and anger. My wife and I split. My wife tried to take the children and hide. Jennifer was able to help me build my case, kept me at ease and got all of the facts. The day of court she was a rock. She is my hero and is the champion for my children. She is now the only one I consult for any custody issues. I will have her on my speed dial forever.

Comment by Sandra, a custody/visitation client:

    Ms Applegate was absolutely incredible! I would HIGHLY recommend her w/ no reservations what-so-ever. I only wish we'd found her sooner! We were dealing w/ a custody/ visitation issue with my fiance's 16 year old daughter. We had already spent a fortune and dealt with several incompetent attorneys when we finally came to her. We were frustrated and discouraged.
    Ms Applegate was honest about our situation, gave us all our options, and worked extremely hard to get us a wonderful outcome. She communicated with us frequently, we were able to get a hold of her any time we tried, and she made us feel comfortable and positive! I can honestly say I have never had such a positive experience with any attorney. I only wish there was more we could do to convey our gratitude for her excellent service.
    Thanks to her we will have our daughter here in two weeks for a summer visit, and again at every major holiday til she turns 18! Ms Applegate is knowledgeable, intelligent, eloquent, and determined to get a favorable outcome for her clients.

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